Perinaldo: Theatrical première

Perinaldo: theatrical première of “L’Espresso Letterario va a teatro” (“The Literary Espresso goes on stage”) by the Cultural Association Accademia delle Muse. The “Short Stories” by Luca Ammirati come to life via some deep monologues of modern life.

Yesterday evening (Sunday 30th August 2015), at the picturesque San Benedetto Oratory of Perinaldo, the Cultural Association Accademia delle Muse, performed the theatrical first night of “L’Espresso Letterario va a teatro (“The Literary Espresso goes on stage”), a play adapted and directed by Maria Grazia Bugnella, based upon the successful book written by Luca Ammirati, “L’Espresso Letterario” (“The Literary Espresso”) and published by the Leucotea, Sanremo.

A sequence of incisive monologues on extremely topical short stories attracted the attention both of the public and of the author himself, Luca Ammirati, who praised the commitment of the whole Amateur Theatre Company (Actors: Elena Abate, Marta Collu, Liana Iacchi, Doriana Valesini, Emanuele Rumé; Audio, video, lights: Stefano Di Luca) for the realisation of a project he was longing for.

The initial showing of a film sequence, in perfect Thirties style, combined with the narrator’s voice, off stage, introduced gradually the characters and their stories to the audience making us involved as if they were about our own lives.

The beauty of our Country (Italy), too often neglected by the corruption of administrations which are not projected into the future, comes back to life while a granny is talking to her grandson, emblem of the healthy and honest meeting between two generations. The contrast in between “being” and “pretending to be”, inspired by Pirandello’s philosophy, is well represented by a meta-theatre monologue of an actress, troubled by a deep sense of solitude. The love at first sight between a man and a woman, reveals an unexpected ending. A woman, imprisoned in the mechanical engines of a crystal clock becomes the metaphor of modern life, oppressed by the idea that “everything flows” uselessly. A marathon runner, frozen in time, embodies what should be the real essence of sport: a psychological more than a physical challenge. The apparently cheerful red shoes used in an American musical lead us to a feminine choral ending which denounces a series of crimes, still going on in present times, that can or better must be permanently defeated thanks to the willpower: the acts of violence against women.

A warm and cathartic final applause offered by the public concluded the evening show.

Francesco Guglielmi, Mayor of Perinaldo,editor Matteo Moraglia and the Councillor Luca Ammirati took part to the event.

by Maurizio Abbati